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Launceston Business
Kings Meadows



Kings Meadows is one of the fastest growing shopping centres in Launceston.

Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are located at Kings Meadows along with discount supermarkets,variety stores, boutiques,fast food outlets and restaurants.

The Kings Meadows Hotel is centrally located in the shopping strip and is a popular meeting place for residents.

The Kings Meadows Community is active on a number of community improvements including the restoration of the Kings Meadows Rivulet as a natural habitat.

The Launceston City Council has been consulting with Kings Meadows Traders on possible redevelopment and enhancement
of this area for some time,following the successful revitalisation of the Mowbray Shopping Centre.

Public Consultation on the redevelopment plans for this area are expected to begin mid 2002.

Metrotas operates regular bus services to Kings Meadows during shopping hours,from Norwood and Metro Central .

Metro operates some 600 scheduled trips per day in Launceston, including Busy Bee, Metro Express, Shopper Stopper and dedicated school services.

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