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Launceston Business



The Quadrant Mall is (surrounded by a number of
late 19th century buildings.

Laneways previously used as service access have been cleaned up and named after Launceston Pioneers.These laneways lead to St John ,Brisbane,York and George Streets.

A Multi storey car park and retail development is accessed from the lane beside Wills Music Store.This lane also leads to Coulter Court,The Avenue and Old Brisbane Arcade.

The Kameo Coffee Shop in St John Street is accessed from another lane behind the Internet Cafe.

The Cafes in the Quadrant provide an opportunity for alfresco dining.

Buskers regularly perform in The Quadrant and the Brisbane St Mall.The Quadrant is an excellent venue for City Prom and retail promotions.Wills have used this space for special appearances by recording artists including singing groups Bardot and Scandal'us


Harold Shepherd (1870 - 1947 began the pastrycook and cakke shop on the corner of The Quadrant and St John St about 1900.The premises as rebuilt by J & T Gunn in 1923
still stand today bearing the Shepherds name on the first floor,the shop is now occupied by a camera store.

Shepherds Cake Shop relocated in the 1980s to York Street,opposite the St James Hotel.

At the time of establishing his shop,Harry became interested in sailing and joined the Tamar Yacht Club.
Harry had many prominent Launceston businessmen in his
crews including Bob Gourlay,George Springer and Norman Conway.

Harry won the Tamar Centenary Regatta in 1940,and won the Tamar Challenge Cup on at least 8 occasions.He was an entrant in the Tamar Regatta 40 times.

His last yacht the Pilgrim had a varnished huon pine hull, he bought this in 1927 and sailed it until his demise. Pilgrim was 1 of 6 One Design yachts and the only one to be built at E.A. Jack's Trevallyn Boat sheds.

Harry also liked playing chess on the outdoor boards in Princes Square,which at that time were protected from the elements in a shed ,sadly while the boards remain today
the shed has been removed.

Information for this article has been drawn from "On The Tide"

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On the Tide people who lived and worked on the Tamar.